Access Financial Services Ltd (JSE:AFS)


AFS is a Public company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE Junior Market).

Last closed on 2017-10-19 at
JSE - J$41.20 -0.02% -0.01
Opened at : 41.21.

Trading History & Performance

Period% MovementHistorical Prices
Total Volume TradedDays Traded
WTD+8.42%38.00 Oct/171,9491 / 2 / 0 / 0 / 3
MTD-1.90%42.00 Sep/1710,6001 / 3 / 3 / 6 / 7
YTD+87.27%22.00 Dec/16568,77442 / 25 / 12 / 122 / 79
YTD 2016Pro1Pro1Pro1Pro1

KEY: U / D / F / NT / T represents Up / Down / Firm / Not Traded / Traded respectively

Competitors & Related Companies

Sorted by Market Capitalization (expressed in JMD for all companies). Close price not converted.
Mkt Cap
JMMBGL (JM)27.75
PJAM (JM)41.00
ProvenJA (JM)25.07
AFS (JM)41.2015.676.2239.7111.3b
PROVEN (JM)0.2400
LASF (JM)4.20
MIL (JM)4.21
JSE (JM)7.00
BIL (JM)8.01
PJX (JM)9.00
EPLY (JM)12.00
ISP (JM)18.00
SIL (JM)12.25
SILUS (JM)0.12
NEL (TT)10.35
AMBL (TT)40.00
SIJL (TT)2.29
Industry ratios are market capitalization weighted average. Mkt Cap is total for industry.
Industry (GICS): Consumer Finance
Sector (GICS): Financials
Providers of consumer finance services, including personal credit, credit cards, lease financing, travel-related money services and pawn shops. Excludes mortgage lenders classified in the Thrifts & Mortgage Finance Sub-Industry.

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