New Business Alert:Yard Travel

In the newspaper today I saw an advertisement for a business ‘Yard Travel’ offering discounts on hotel rates. I am not sure how discounted the rates are compared to the actual rates, but they claim that they are cheaper. Their website was also displayed prominently

The website also displays information upon entering about Yard Trips. From the picture below you can see that the rate for Breezes Runaway Bay is $1,855 less (I’m assuming US$). It also seems to be growing in either popularity or usage as they already have over 1,000 Facebook fans. If you’ve used this website or familiar with it let us know.


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2 Responses to New Business Alert:Yard Travel

  1. Well the owner of the business, yard travel, is the president of PNPYO, a uwi lecturer, Taylorite and popular past president of UWI’s student union so he could easily get even 20,000 likes :). He majored in tourism so he’s probably milking his network (negotiating) to get reduced costs for customers in the start up phase of the business.