New Investment Opportunity – Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd

There is a new initial public offering (IPO) on the market. IPOs present an opportunity to get in early in on good business opportunities. This new IPO is from Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd.

Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd is described as a wholesale bakery that manufactures baked products primarily under its “Purity” and “Miss Birdie” brands with a distribution network to key population centres throughout Jamaica and growing exports to the Jamaican Diaspora and ethnic markets of North America.

Quick Facts

  • Invitation Price – J$1.88 (employees pay J$1.69)
  • Amount being raised – J$97m (51.8m shares)
  • % of Company being offered – 23.26%
  • Legal name: Consolidated Bakeries (JA) Ltd
  • Major brands are Purity, Miss Birdie, Hearty Goodness

Use of Funds
The Company intends to use the proceeds of the Invitation to further strengthen its operations, retool and improve its operational processes so as to fulfil its strategic plans and business goals and improve the Company’s financial and non-financial performance. The use of proceeds includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Improved Distribution by installation of computerized route management systems;
  • Balance Sheet improvement by strengthening the Company’s working capital and reducing debt levels.
  • Expenses of the Invitation which, the Company estimates, will not exceed $7 million (inclusive of brokerage and financial advisory fees, legal fees, auditors’ fees, Companies Registrar’s fees, initial fees and General Consumption Tax (“GCT”).


  • Published – Nov 5, 2012
  • Opens – Nov 13, 2012
  • Closes – Nov, 27, 2012

Read the full prospectus here – Consolidated_Bakeries_(Jamaica)_Limited_-_Junior_Market_Prospectus

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