Cable Bahamas Ltd FR Redeemable Cumulative USD Preference Shares (JSE:CAB11A)

Jamaica Stock Exchange

Last closed on 2021-06-08 at
US$1,000.0000 0.00% 0.0000
Opened at : 1,000.0000.
Key Ratios & Margins
Growth & Valuation -1
Activity -1
Profitability -1
Solvency & Capital -1
Liquidity -1

Based on the financials for CAB11A listed on the JSE. The financials are reported in BSD currency. If the share price is in another ccy it will be converted to BSD for the purposes of calculating the ratios.
All ratios and calculations based on trailing twelve months (TTM) data (sum or average of last 12 months). Refer to financials below for details of the last 4 quarters.

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Industry & Sector
Industry (GICS): Diversified Telecommunication Services
Sector(GICS): Telecommunication Services
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