Jetcon Corporation Limited (JSE:JETCON)


JETCON is a Public company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE Junior Market).

Last closed on 2020-11-27 at
JSE - J$0.75 4.17% +0.03
Opened at : 0.72.

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  • Stephen

    So I'll just post the strategies here about how to execute your sell strategy and you can read the article for more details

    Valuation-Level Sell
    The first selling category we'll look at is called the valuation-level sell. In the va... read more

    Avatar    • 6 months ago  • 21

  • MoneyMax101

    #JETCON just traded at $1.40 (16% below yesterday's close of $1.63) to officially cement its position as the worst-performing stock of 2019. At $1.40 the stock is down 54% YTD

    Doose    • 12 months ago  • 4

  • Stephen

    Some other things that could be dealbreakers (making these up).

    I only buy leaders in each industry
    I don't buy companies without a woman on the board
    I don't buy companies less than x years old
    If it's not paying a div... read more

    Stephen    • 1 year ago  • 26

  • Adgez

    Earnings Season: Episode 7 - Privilege and Profit

    This week Randy (@RTRowe) & Danhai (@HDanhai) discuss some of the recent happenings in the market including #JMMB Right's Issue, #Proven 's Sale of 25% of Access Financial ... read more

    Adgez    • 1 year ago  • 5