Kingston Wharves Ltd (JSE:KW)


KW is a Public company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE Main Market).

Last closed on 2020-11-27 at
JSE - J$46.16 -0.22% -0.10
Opened at : 46.26.

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  • Nick86

    Does anyone know what took place with #KW yesterday? Falling to as low as $40.

    philob13753    • 5 months ago  • 2

  • Nick86

    Well I think for JAMT, apparently person were looking for the stock split so it lost a bit of value. But in guiding others as to what to buy in these times #SEP and #JP are solid companies and should be apart of any portfolio under manufacturing. It ... read more

    Nick86    • 5 months ago  • 17

  • MoneyMax101

    Industrials declined as well, largely driven by #KW which dipped 3.67% and is down 16% YTD. KW is valued at almost $100 billion and the market has been very bearish towards the stock.

    It is trading well below its 10, 20, 50 and even 200 ... read more

    Avatar    • 9 months ago  • 12