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Lawrence Nicholson Appointed New TVJ Chairman. Shareholders Yet To Be Advised

RJR Communications Group - Leading Jamaica media company

News broke this afternoon that TVJ has appointed a new chairman and RJR has a new board member. A part of the release from RJR reads;

Dr. Lawrence Nicholson has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Television Jamaica Limited.

He’s also been appointed to the Board of Directors of Radio Jamaica Limited.

The appointments are effective Friday, September 20. Continue Reading

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THIS IS IT! It’s IPO Time. Facebook Sets Its Price, However Doubts Abound.

Mark Zuckerberg - CEO Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg - CEO Facebook

Facebook prepares to become a listed company

Facebook released some important details regarding them being a publicly listed company this week (Thursday).

They announced on Thursday that their Initial Public Offering (IPO) would be priced somewhere between US$28 to US$35 per share, and they are attempting to sell 337.4 million shares, which at the higher end of the price range, would allow them to raise US$11.8 billion. Continue Reading

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Release: Trinidad’s One Caribbean Media Limited Acquires 3 Radio Stations. The Caribbean’s Super Station Now in 9 Countries.

In a release from the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, Dawn Thomas, Group Chief Executive Officer of One Caribbean Media Limited advised:

One Caribbean Media Limited (OCM) has entered into an agreement for the acquisition of the Citadel Group, owners and operators of three radio stations in Trinidad and Tobago – I 95 fm, Red 96.7 fm and Hitz 107.1 fm. Continue Reading

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Jamaica Leads The Caribbean In Outsourcing Services

According to Jamaican Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Anthony Hylton, Jamaica is “the leading contact centre location in the English-speaking Caribbean with more than 10,000 full time agents in the offshore sector.”

Hylton was making a case for Jamaica as an ideal destination for business process outsourcing (BPO), human resource outsourcing (HRO), export-oriented manufacturing, tourism and global shipping and logistics. Continue Reading

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Facebook. If Walls Could Talk, Oooh… They Would Say I Want You More

Probably the biggest news this week is Facebook’s first steps towards its Initial Public Offering (IPO). In baby terms, what this means is that, big companies and regular people like me and you should be able to own a part of the company and make decisions about how it is operated and share in whatever profits or losses it makes.

This week they have taken the first steps in announcing how much money they plan to raise, and how the company will be structured in terms of ownership and voting rights. Continue Reading

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New Investment: Pan Caribbean Invests US$350,000 in eMedia Interactive to Create Jamaica’s First Online Tv Network

eZines Limited

Intends to list by by 2015

Relatively young company eZines Limited founded by Tyrone Wilson and operating out of the Technology Innovation Centre at the The University of Technology, Jamaica has secured a major funding deal to enable future growth. Continue Reading

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‘On the Ground News Reports’ Challenges the ‘big boys’ in their 2011 Jamaican Election Coverage (Part 1)

On The Ground News Reports Election Coverage

The December 29, 2011 election in Jamaica was a fiercely fought battle. This battle, fought for weeks leading up to the historic day involved much preparation and anxiety; and the results will never be forgotten. The People’s National Party delivered a decisive victory over their closest rival the Jamaica Labour Party, and the result was all over the news. There was great online coverage as each news media battled to best deliver the results. Who would be the fastest? Who would offer the best quality and be the most engaging in doing it? We have a winner: On the Ground News Reports. Continue Reading

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