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Campari – This is Not The Quality Video We’re Expecting From Such A Cash Rich International Brand!

Campari’s CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz’s (Amateur) Video On the Lascelles deMercado Acquisition

Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Chief Executive Officer of Davide Campari-Milano SpA and his team releases a hurriedly put together promotional video about it’s Lascelles deMercado acquisition. Obviously they are proud of their investment and are happy to get the news out – however this video is certainly lacking. Bob can be seen quite often looking at the prompter for the words and he even pauses quite a few times as he reads what’s written.

We wish you all the best Campari, but you will certainly have to do a lot better in your releases.

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Campari’s CEO Speaks With Bloomberg About the Lascelles Acquisition

Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) — Bob Kunze-Concewitz, chief executive officer of Davide Campari-Milano SpA, talks about the company’s acquisition of Lascelles deMercado & Co., the Jamaican maker of Appleton rum, and the outlook for the spirit industry. He speaks from Milan with Manus Cranny on Bloomberg Television’s “Last Word.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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BIG BUY: 81.4% of Lascelles deMercado & Co Sold to Italy’s Campari for US$415 million

Deal to be paid in cash. Appleton, Wray and Nephew and Coruba brands sold

The Financial Times, Reuters, Bloomberg and a number of new sources including the Gleaner have reported that 81.4% of Jamaica’s Lascelles is being sold to Italy’s Campari for US$414.8 million or around 330 million Euros. Continue Reading

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The One Major Thing Downtown Kingston Needs Now

Somewhere to put all the cars of workers, customers, investors and everyone who goes to do their lawful business there. It is one of the main things businesses downtown have struggled with for years.

GraceKennedy Group chief executive officer, Don Wehby, recently reemphasized the need for the urban developers to take this issue seriously, especially as the government sets its hopes on unrestricted resurgence of business life downtown. Continue Reading

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Jamaica’s Remittance Companies Doing Very Well

More money was “sent home” to Jamaica through remittance services in 2011 than any other year thus far.

It is reported that, “Remittances rose to a new high of US$2.025 billion of inflows last year. The last time Jamaica hit that mark was in 2008 when inflows were recorded at US$2.021 billion.” In other words, things are looking good for the remittance companies. Continue Reading


Is GraceKennedy the Vybz Kartel of Jamaican Businesses?

If making money as a Jamaican business was like making songs as a Dancehall artiste then without a doubt, GraceKennedy would be the “world boss”.  GK may not like the comparison but seriously, we are desperate to find reasonable ways to describe their unrelenting, chart topping success. Everyday they make a hit.

GK made a record J$58 billion in revenue at the end of last year. At J$3 billion or J$8.33 per share, net profits were 25 per cent higher than the J$2.4 billion made in 2010. Go ahead Gk. Just say it to Lasco and the rest. “Why Pree?” Continue Reading


Now That’s A Big Deal Grace! 50 Percent by 2020!

by garryknight

If Grace Kennedy has its way, in the next 8 years it will increase its profits outside Jamaica by a whopping 30 percent. Talk about ambition! big picture – it would mean that in 2020 Grace’s profits outside Jamaica would be an enviable 50 per cent , instead of the current 20 per cent per year.

Now that deserves a round of applause.

According to Grace Group CEO Don Wehby, “one of the first big steps taken towards becoming a global consumer group was a US$50-million investment in a United Kingdom-based company WT Foods.” The company has since been renamed GK UK, and currently exports Grace products to Germany.

Additionally, Grace Kennedy’s popular Tropical Rhythms drinks, which are manufactured here in Jamaica, are exported to Ghana in West Africa, where, according to Wehby, they are in very high demand.

Wehby added that to become the serious global consumer group it envisions, it will have to “commit to investing in manufacturing in Jamaica because that has to be the base.” Another round of applause.


A Whole New World, and We Want In! GraceKennedy Bets Big Internationally.

A Whole New World - Grace Readys to to FIGHT!

GraceKennedy is getting serious about being a Jamaican Global Consumer group (again). With the new CEO Don Wehby firmly in place, they have narrowed down their short term focus to:

  • Having Grace Foods Brands sold in 3 continents – bringing in a minimum of 15% sales revenue
  • Making half of their profits outside Jamaica
  • Forming strategic alliances with International partners e.g. Western Union, and
  • Expanding Financial Services specifically to the English speaking Caribbean. Continue Reading
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