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Gov’t Aims To Boost Renewable Energy Generation To 12.5% By 2015

The Jamaican government has made some changes which should help to boost renewable energy production within the country. The Observer reports;

Investors willing to pump capital into renewable energy projects in Jamaica won’t have to make a one per cent downpayment when making their bids to the regulator.

Instead, they will have to submit the proposal security of one per cent of the total project cost to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) after their project has been given the greenlight.

“The request fits within the Government’s plan to increase the proportion of electrical energy generated by renewable resources to 12.5 per cent of total generation by 2015”, the paper reports.

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“Fight the Power!” Major Anti-JPS Movement in Progress

It’s not usually good public relations for big commercial businesses to come out swinging at other public bodies, in full view of the whole nation, and the world. Well, apparently everyone has decided to break ranks because nobody likes JPS. Continue Reading


Even The Most “Backward Man” Should Understand These 6 Vital Points in The Coal Debate

As should have been expected with a comment like that, Jamaica’s Minister of Energy, Phillip Paulwell and the nation’s environmentalists have drawn guns in the streets over the use of coal to supply energy.

While no one has fired anything fatal, one environmentalist has called Minister Paulwell “a backward man”  publicly. As the tree-huggers and animal kissers fight for the preservation of photosynthesis, what are your thoughts on the matter? How will coal affect your money? Continue Reading

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Is Trinidad Too Dependent on Oil?

Up Down, Up Down

The economy in Trinidad and Tobago is expected to climb by 1.5 percent in 2012 as its oil production improves, after “a drastic fall off” in energy productions that resulted in a 1.4 percent dip in 2011.  Talk about a see-saw.

Question – what would have happened had oil not recovered? When you match the see-saw with the Central Bank’s revelation that energy is the largest source of revenue for Trinidad & Tobago one cannot help but wonder why the government is not investing more in diversifying the economy. Continue Reading

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Don’t Mess With My Benefits! JPS Workers Fight for Pension.

NWU in for the fight!

The members of the National Workers Union have taken up arms against their employers the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) over their pension benefits. The matter is “to be resolved” but it certainly is still not settled.

The NWU is taking issue with plans by the company to change its pension scheme. According to the union, among the changes proposed by the JPS management is a reduction of benefits. Continue Reading

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Why Don’t We Just Burn The Money Instead!

by jhecking

Throw it all into a big inferno! Let it blaze, because that is exactly what we seem intent on doing when it comes to the issue of how energy is consumed in Jamaica.

The ever humorous and insightful Din Duggan discuss the incredible paradox of how a poor nation like Jamaica disregards the issue of energy conservation in his article The hungry-belly, energy-wasting beast.

This is baffling. As The Economist reported, “The only by-product of energy efficiency is wealth, in the form of lower fuel bills and less spending on power stations … .” Even our own National Energy Policy finds that simply implementing an energy-conservation plan would substantially reduce our energy demand – saving us a whopping $48 billion per year by 2020. Continue Reading

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Is Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) the Messiah?

by loswl

Former managing director of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) and energy consultant, Winston Hay, is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) atheist. That is, he really does not seem to believe that LNG will be the savior of our high-JPS-bills-paying worlds in the way the government is suggesting. Continue Reading

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Going Green: The Costs and the Benefits

Green Home

Everyone everywhere should be concerned with high and rising energy costs.

Energy costs are rising 6% per year on average in the U.S. (would love to know how the costs are increasing regionally), but this begets us trying to find ways to reduce our reliance on high cost energy sources, and also find ways to use alternative energy that is more affordable and available. Continue Reading

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