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Caribbean Flavours & Frangances Listed. JSE’s 19th Junior Market Company

On October 14, 2013 Caribbean Flavours & Fragrances was successfully listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s Junior market. The JSE in a release states that “This has brought the total listing on the Junior Market to 19 and the total Market Capitalization on the Junior Market to $26.39 Billion.” This is also the 12th company being listed by its broker Mayberry Investments Ltd. Continue Reading

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Caribbean Flavours Shoots For $50.6 Million In JSE Jr Market IPO

Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances (CFF) aims to raise $50.6 million through an initial public offer (IPO) of up to 22.5 million ordinary stocks, a 25 per cent stake in the company, on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Junior Market on September 25, 2013. Continue Reading

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Chocolate Dreams Launches Ambitious Kickstarter Campaign To Raise US$50,000 (J$5m) Online!

Chocolate Dreams Kickstarter Campaign

Already 10 days into their 30 day campaign, Chocolate Dreams has managed to raise US$645 of their ambitious US$50,000 goal – that’s a little over 1%. We don’t think it’s impossible though, and so we’re very hopeful for the success of this campaign. Certainly, it would have been nicer to see them even closer to US$1,000 or US2,000 but let’s hope that the campaign will soon pick up steam. Continue Reading

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Sliced Bread Marketing Strategy. Ads On Food Packaging, Hot Or Not?

Branded sliced hard dough bread with advertisments

I recently found it both interesting and innovative for the National, makers of hard dough sliced bread to up the ante once more with event advertisements on the packaging of the bread aka the bread bag. I think this is quite useful.

There are only a very few other products that are bought and sold as frequently as bread, so that’s a sure market for the advertisers. I first noticed the trend when they were doing promotions for the Crayons Count initiative, but I haven’t seen it since.

What do you think? I wonder if there are people out there who will get picky about ads on their food?

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Carib Cement Lands Small Venezuelan Deal. But Hopes To Build On It

While it is being described as a small deal, I’m sure Caribbean Cement Company (CCC) is happy that they have finally landed a deal to supply Venezuela with 200,000 tonnes of clinker over the next 12 months. Continue Reading

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Jamaican Teas Dissapointed In Stock’s Performance. Chooses Corporate Bond Instead

Jamaican Teas Stock Market Price @ Aug 9, 2013

Investors can expect the Jamaican Teas Corporate Bond Offering any time now. However when questioned about the main reason for a bond offering instead of more equity CEO John Mahfood couldn’t resist lamenting the poor performance of his stock on the Jamaican Stock Market. Oh Ooooh. 🙁 Continue Reading

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Market Update: Major Reorganization at Desnoes & Geddes Limited

The beverage company, has announced some major leadership changes in its structure, with a number of departments impacted, from HR to Marketing, along with some board changes as well. Continue Reading

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After 7 Days, Kremi IPO Oversubscribed

Kremi - Caribbean Cream

Kremi - Caribbean Cream

After anxious days of worry and concern, word finally came on Wednesday May 1, 2013, 7 days after the initial public offering (IPO) was opened on April 25, 2013, that the Kremi IPO was oversubscribed. Whew! Continue Reading

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