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Digicel Throws The First Punch Against Google, Yahoo & Facebook by Blocking ALL Online Ads

by hunterseakerhk

If everything goes as planned, Digicel will soon be blocking all ads by big online advertising networks such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo, across all its markets in the Caribbean.

Digicel argues are that

  • the advertisements are a strain on their network,
  • ads slow down the experience for people on their network and as such they want to provide the best experience by reducing the need for a lot of these ads to load, and
  • they would also be helping their customers as these ads use as much as 10% of a customer’s data plan. Wow. Continue Reading
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The Ultimate Guide To The Digicel New York Stock Exchange IPO. Plus An Infographic!

If Digicel successfully lists on the New York Stock Exchange later this year (2015) that would be a very big thing for Digicel (the company itself), its employees, its owners and leadership, and for the Caribbean on a whole. The company is no doubt operated at high international standards with a global outlook (no questions there). However Digicel does most of its business in the Caribbean, and investors will be asked to make a big bet on this region or as Fitch describes it ‘countries with low ratings’, including Jamaica, Haiti and Papa New Guinea (Digicel’s three largest markets). Continue Reading

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When Companies Try To Trick You. How To Spot Those Extra ‘Special’ Offers

Why are customers so skeptical?

Special Offers – Why Are We So Skeptical?

Digicel called me twice this week to make me an extra special offer, about a postpaid plan created specially for me. 😮

Wow, I thought. How sweet. My mobile phone company is thinking about me – so much, that they spent their precious time to develop a phone plan just for me, then they had an agent call me (more than once, even after I refused), spend their time to convince me, and then on top of that have a courier company come to my house the very next day to deliver the contract for me to sign?! I concluded that I must be special. Continue Reading

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Digicel Suffers Falling Revenue In Main Markets. Blames Sliding Dollar

Heavyweight Caribbean telecommunications company Digicel has reported a slip in its performance for the three months ended September 2013. The Irish Times reports, that according to their recent financials;

Total group revenues at Digicel, the mobile phone company owned by businessman Denis O’Brien, fell by US$7 million to US$691 million in the three months to the end of September, according to financial statements sent to the company’s bondholders. Continue Reading


Big Move For Cassidy! Digicel’s Group Financial Director Answers C&W Communications

Cable & Wireless Caribbean Communications 2010/2011 Revenue by Region

Digicel’s Group Financial Director Answers to Bigger Role at Cable & Wireless Communications

Sean Cassidy is the new the Chief Financial Officer at Cable & Wireless Communications. He has held this post for the last two months; this after spending the last 6 years and 5 months at what will now be his biggest rival, The Digicel Group. Continue Reading

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5 Questions Re LIME’s Game-Changing Rate Cut

LIME with a Shocking Move!

LIME Jamaica Cuts its Mobile Rates… Drastically

It’s something that has been long anticipated, and well overdue – a master stroke from Jamaica’s fledging telecoms provider. This is the move LIME! This is what we’ve been waiting for; not necessarily the rate cut though, but something that screams, ‘Hey We’re Serious!’ … and Today you did it. Continue Reading

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Call Rates to Drop Significantly… Very Soon

As the cost of communicating is one of the biggest expenditures for any individual or business, we are very happy to hear of any proposed changes that will help to make it lower. Additionally, if it will help to increase competition, even more so.

The Gleaner reports;

Government is pushing to have amendments to the Telecommunications Act established into law by weekend, enabling the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) to set interim wholesale and retail telecommunications rates. Continue Reading

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Oh No! Cable & Wireless Worldwide (C&W) At Risk of Being Bought

Cable & Wireless Worldwide (C&W) is now at risk of being bought. LIME is not a part of C&W Worldwide, read on.

Continue Reading

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