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Digicel Throws The First Punch Against Google, Yahoo & Facebook by Blocking ALL Online Ads

by hunterseakerhk

If everything goes as planned, Digicel will soon be blocking all ads by big online advertising networks such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo, across all its markets in the Caribbean.

Digicel argues are that

  • the advertisements are a strain on their network,
  • ads slow down the experience for people on their network and as such they want to provide the best experience by reducing the need for a lot of these ads to load, and
  • they would also be helping their customers as these ads use as much as 10% of a customer’s data plan. Wow. Continue Reading
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The Ultimate Guide To The Digicel New York Stock Exchange IPO. Plus An Infographic!

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When Companies Try To Trick You. How To Spot Those Extra ‘Special’ Offers

Why are customers so skeptical?

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Digicel Suffers Falling Revenue In Main Markets. Blames Sliding Dollar

Heavyweight Caribbean telecommunications company Digicel has reported a slip in its performance for the three months ended September 2013. The Irish Times reports, that according to their recent financials;

Total group revenues at Digicel, the mobile phone company owned by businessman Denis O’Brien, fell by US$7 million to US$691 million in the three months to the end of September, according to financial statements sent to the company’s bondholders. Continue Reading


Big Move For Cassidy! Digicel’s Group Financial Director Answers C&W Communications

Cable & Wireless Caribbean Communications 2010/2011 Revenue by Region

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5 Questions Re LIME’s Game-Changing Rate Cut

LIME with a Shocking Move!

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Call Rates to Drop Significantly… Very Soon

As the cost of communicating is one of the biggest expenditures for any individual or business, we are very happy to hear of any proposed changes that will help to make it lower. Additionally, if it will help to increase competition, even more so.

The Gleaner reports;

Government is pushing to have amendments to the Telecommunications Act established into law by weekend, enabling the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) to set interim wholesale and retail telecommunications rates. Continue Reading

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Oh No! Cable & Wireless Worldwide (C&W) At Risk of Being Bought

Cable & Wireless Worldwide (C&W) is now at risk of being bought. LIME is not a part of C&W Worldwide, read on.

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About 120,000 Customers Will Activate the 8.99 Rate Today

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Why Was Lime Caught Napping? Strategy or Unpreparedness?

LIME with a Shocking Move!

LIME Jamaica has promised an “in due time” response to Digicel’s massive, game-changing 8.99 one rate calling plan. The real newsworthy issue however is how did LIME manage to find itself in such a horrible position, seemingly unprepared?

Sound’s a bit unfair to LIME right? Did you see the streets of Kingston and St. Andrew last week Friday the 2nd of March when Digicel unleashed their campaign? It may be argued that with all the Digicel managed to put out on Friday, LIME should have heard before and prepared itself. Continue Reading

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Columbus Communications Inc. Reveals Its New, Unified Logo for Retail Subsidiary, Flow

New Logo - Columbus Communications Inc / Flow

New Logo - Columbus Communications Inc / Flow

On Friday March 2, 2012 Columbus Communications Inc. Revealed Its New, Unified Logo for Retail Subsidiary, Flow. A part of the release reads

Columbus Communications Inc., the retail and wholesale telecommunications company in the Caribbean and Latin America, revealed today a new logo for its retail brand, Flow. The new logo will replace all existing Flow logos, currently deployed in its markets in Trinidad, Jamaica, Grenada and Curacao and will represent a unification of all operations under a single brand platform.

According to Brendan Paddick, ceo of Columbus Communications, in an address to all employees: “In six short years, we have not only managed to change the technology landscape of each country through our products and services, but we have also equipped people with the ability to transform their lives. This change is an acknowledgement that we are a larger, more relevant player now, and that we have a new chapter in our story to tell. Now is the time for consumers to know the true scope, scale and reach of our brand.”

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Link: The Fact is, Digicel, Knows LIME is Important for Business. Makes No Sense Being a Monopoly.

LIME has been arguing for lower termination rates which would allow it to compete more effectively, with Sinclair saying last month that the company would be supportive of an interim $5 termination rate — the rate now is over $10. … Continue reading

WAIT! Before You Activate The Digicel 8.99 One Rate Plan. Try This.

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The Digicel (@Digicel_Jamaica) $8.99 Rate Campaign Shot…

Digicel Jamaica 8.99 Rate Campaign

Digicel Jamaica 8.99 Rate Campaign

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More Broadband For Rural Jamaicans Soon?

Now more than ever appears to be the right time for big businesses (and ingenious entrepreneurs) to create the platform for internet based businesses in Jamaica as it appears the government has finally agreed that country folks need internet too!

Phillip Paulwell, Jamaica’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining announced just this week that he will be making the expansion of broadband services to people in rural Jamaica a major focus. The aim is to improve country people’s ability to communicate and do business with government agencies without having to travel long distances. Continue Reading

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Sorry RedBk, You Started it. Yellow Pages Fights Back!

Ooooh boy - Looks like we have a problem

Ooooh boy - Looks like we have a problem

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Proof that LIME Reads MoneyMax101 -They Sign Yohan Blake!

Ohh Noo!! LIME actually got it right! Lol. Great Job Guys!

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Now That’s What I’m Talking About @Digicel_Jamaica! Buying BB Aps Just Got Easier.

Digicel Jamaica Update - Buying BB Aps Just Got Easier

Digicel Jamaica Update - Buying BB Aps Just Got Easier

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LIME’s Parent Says Mayday, We’ve Been Hit! Panama Sinking Under Intense Competition. Shares Tumbled 17%.

HELP! Panama - Cable & Wireless' sinking battleship


Don’t Ignore the Rumors – What LIME’s Boss Really Said

by *Jeffrey*

Manager Director of the LIME in Jamaica, Garry Sinclair has rejected rumors that its parent company in the United Kingdom is pulling the plug on the local operation. He claims the company is “committed to Jamaica.” Continue Reading