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About 120,000 Customers Will Activate the 8.99 Rate Today

Since Digicel launched the 8.99 rate offer on Friday March 2, 2012 (5 days ago at the time) they have seen over half a million customers take up the offer and they are taking it up at a rate of 120,000 customers per day.
Patrick King – Head of Consumer Sales, Digicel Jamaica (Smile Jamaica Aired Wednesday March 7, 2012 at about 7:45am)

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Why Was Lime Caught Napping? Strategy or Unpreparedness?

LIME with a Shocking Move!

LIME Jamaica has promised an “in due time” response to Digicel’s massive, game-changing 8.99 one rate calling plan. The real newsworthy issue however is how did LIME manage to find itself in such a horrible position, seemingly unprepared?

Sound’s a bit unfair to LIME right? Did you see the streets of Kingston and St. Andrew last week Friday the 2nd of March when Digicel unleashed their campaign? It may be argued that with all the Digicel managed to put out on Friday, LIME should have heard before and prepared itself. Continue Reading

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Columbus Communications Inc. Reveals Its New, Unified Logo for Retail Subsidiary, Flow

New Logo - Columbus Communications Inc / Flow

New Logo - Columbus Communications Inc / Flow

On Friday March 2, 2012 Columbus Communications Inc. Revealed Its New, Unified Logo for Retail Subsidiary, Flow. A part of the release reads

Columbus Communications Inc., the retail and wholesale telecommunications company in the Caribbean and Latin America, revealed today a new logo for its retail brand, Flow. The new logo will replace all existing Flow logos, currently deployed in its markets in Trinidad, Jamaica, Grenada and Curacao and will represent a unification of all operations under a single brand platform.

According to Brendan Paddick, ceo of Columbus Communications, in an address to all employees: “In six short years, we have not only managed to change the technology landscape of each country through our products and services, but we have also equipped people with the ability to transform their lives. This change is an acknowledgement that we are a larger, more relevant player now, and that we have a new chapter in our story to tell. Now is the time for consumers to know the true scope, scale and reach of our brand.”

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Link: The Fact is, Digicel, Knows LIME is Important for Business. Makes No Sense Being a Monopoly.

LIME has been arguing for lower termination rates which would allow it to compete more effectively, with Sinclair saying last month that the company would be supportive of an interim $5 termination rate — the rate now is over $10. … Continue reading

WAIT! Before You Activate The Digicel 8.99 One Rate Plan. Try This.

There are a number of persons that have differing views about the new one-rate calling plan by Digicel. One person said on Saturday that his friend would wait until Monday to activate it, as something nuh sound right and the weekend rate is cheaper. Despite the variety of views however, one thing is common – there are doubts as to who will benefit more from this plan – Digicel, LIME, or You. Continue Reading

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The Digicel (@Digicel_Jamaica) $8.99 Rate Campaign Shot…

Digicel Jamaica 8.99 Rate Campaign

Digicel Jamaica 8.99 Rate Campaign

The Digicel $8.99 Campaign to Any Network, Any Time and for Any Number is a BIG deal. It is also a BIG move for Digicel. We are impressed by the launch and the vibrancy seen so far. Nuff Ratings Digicel!!

Stay tuned for our story … 8.99 reasons why this may not be so good though – The other side of the story. Subscribe here Continue Reading

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More Broadband For Rural Jamaicans Soon?

Now more than ever appears to be the right time for big businesses (and ingenious entrepreneurs) to create the platform for internet based businesses in Jamaica as it appears the government has finally agreed that country folks need internet too!

Phillip Paulwell, Jamaica’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining announced just this week that he will be making the expansion of broadband services to people in rural Jamaica a major focus. The aim is to improve country people’s ability to communicate and do business with government agencies without having to travel long distances. Continue Reading

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Sorry RedBk, You Started it. Yellow Pages Fights Back!

Ooooh boy - Looks like we have a problem

Ooooh boy - Looks like we have a problem

I’m not lying, I bought. Most people did. However I wondered about it – Whether or not cellphone numbers were in the Telephone Directory.

In fact I recalled having a conversation with somebody recently who pointed out that cell phone numbers ARE ACTUALLY listed in the current Jamaica Yellow Pages Telephone directories, and we agreed on popular examples. Take for instance the taxi companies which I’m sure most people would be familiar with. You know, Ontime, City Guide etc, these Jamaican Companies have cellphone numbers in the directory. Right?

So who told you that they didn’t list all businesses in the Yellow Pages? Good question! Continue Reading

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