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REDJet, You Suck! (Here are 5 reasons we are totally disappointed)

We would love to join everybody in rooting for the underdog, for the dream of low costs fares and all the grand idealistic dreams that REDJet used to represent. However, it would be impossible for us to do that and remain genuine.

As we speak, REDjet continues to negotiate with relevant authorities to get itself a chunk of government subsidy. While we wish the company all the best, its action has crushed almost all the respect we had for it, for at least 5 reasons. Continue Reading

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No REDJet, Refunds Are Not Enough

Out of the blue, without warning, when everyone thought there was peace and safety – BAM – REDJet cancelled all its flights indefinitely last week. Despite all their fluff, it was clearly a calculated move to force its government to give it some financial assistance.

While REDJet may get what it wants in the short-term (government subsidy) – it is in danger of losing what is really valuable in the long-term:  the loyalty, trust and support of people all across the Caribbean that were rooting for the underdog. Continue Reading

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