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Market Indices

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Stocks On The Radar

Here are some stocks that have caught our attention. Normally known as Technical Indicators - price and volume movements can sometimes suggest trends and directions for stocks or even industries. Here are some of what we have seen so far

Bullish Stocks

These are the stocks that the market is gobbling up at the moment. They are very optimistic about these companies. Updated daily.

Trending Up (Over last few weeks)

Look at the charts for these companies. That will give you a good idea of the direction and how long they have been going up. Updated daily.

Trending Down (Over last few weeks)

Consistently declining over the last few days/weeks. Check each company to see the trend and learn more. Updated daily.

Top Performing Watchlists YTD

Our watchlists are also quite insightful in suggesting ideas. These are the top performing lists YTD so far. The Most Active Jr Market stocks and Most Watched stocks for instance, are among the best performing stocks

Stock Signals Beta

Updated daily, this is a quick way to filter and discover companies on the move and understand the market after it closes. View each list, then dig into each company

YTD Price Low (2)
Up 7 Or More Of 10 Days (12)
Down 7 Or More Of 10 Days (1)
All Time Low (5)
Companies In The News

Another way to get ideas, keep up with companies in the news