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    Jamaica Observer / Jamaica - Wed Jun 12, 2019 01:30 am
    Sterling Asset management outlines lower-risk alternatives to stock exhange
    Sterling Asset Management, through its vice-president for fixed and foreign exchange Eugene Stanley, strongly believes that local investors are taking more risks to try and get hig...
    7 comments 2 weeks ago from Nesiann

    • MoneyMax101
      MoneyMax101 | 2 weeks agoHow has the market performed over the long term?

      "Stanley's analysis presented 10- and 20-year returns on the Jamaica Stock Market of 17.55 per cent and 16.43 per cent, respectively, in Jamaican-dollar terms)."

      Last year the market went up ~29 %

      And for comparison returns on GOJ USD bonds are now around 3% to 6%.
    • Doose
      Doose | 2 weeks agoI am sure it has been delivering for the last 4/5 yrs.
    • mrtjmx08
      mrtjmx08 | 2 weeks agoI read the article twice. What are the suggested alternatives to the stock market Stanley talked about?
      Am I missing something??
    • Stephen
      Stephen | 2 weeks agoPoor journalism @mrt. Can't tell you how many times I scanned it.
    • Doose
      Doose | 2 weeks agoThe article is saying you can go to Sterling and get steady returns because the JSE traditionally not saying anything. So come on down to sterling and invest in overseas bonds for steady returns...even though we haven't said what those returns are....this is an ad IMO.
    • Stephen
      Stephen | 2 weeks ago😂 Dwl. Come on down to sterling 🤣
    • Avatar
      Nesiann | 2 weeks ago@Stephen, Read it a few times. First time after finishing I thought I had missed something. Read again still no stated alternatives.
      @Doose, never said it better, just an ad.

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