Turn Up the Sun – More Solar Love for Jamaica?

Some Jamaicans may be smiling more soon. It appears that after doing some work in the region Solamon Energy Corporation is still passionate about facilitating and encouraging the use of solar power across a wide range of countries.

Turn up the SUN!!

The foreign based group yesterday announced through its CEO Graeme Boyce that “the company has signed a strategic Joint Venture Agreement with Canada Green ESCO.” The executives of both companies “will now work together closely to ensure a turnkey financing solution for each country is achieved as expeditiously as possible.”

Solamon Energy typically offers a ground-mounted solar array of integrated photovoltaic cells over 5 acre packages of land, which is called the Apollo Acre. The company now also designs and installs custom solutions with local partners to provide roof-mounted and parking lot systems that are easily augmented by micro wind turbine technology and other innovative features.

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