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CTO cautiously optimistic about summer travel in the region amid upticks
Jamaica Observer - Fri Jul 30 Jamaica Business News

As new variants of the novel coronavirus pandemic emerge, the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) has expressed guarde...

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Stakeholders petition for reduction in custom duties amid rising freight costs
Jamaica Observer - Fri Jul 30 Jamaica Business News

AS global supply challenges, including the rising cost of freight, continue to negatively affect operators in the retai...

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Starbucks expands to Barbados
Jamaica Observer - Fri Jul 30 Jamaica Business News

Following a difficult year which saw earnings take a hit from the novel coronavirus pandemic, Starbucks Coffee Company,...

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PA Benjamin Manufacturing signs new packaging agreement with Canadian firm
Jamaica Observer - Fri Jul 30 Jamaica Business News

HAVN Life Sciences Inc, a biotechnology company based in Vancouver, Canada, has announced a new agreement with PA Benja...

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JMMB targets bank acquisition in the region
Jamaica Observer - Fri Jul 30 Jamaica Business News

JAMAICA Money Market Brokers (JMMB) Group has announced plans to acquire new banking operations in the region. The disc...

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CNBC Television - Thu Jul 29
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Bloomberg Markets and Finance - Thu Jul 29

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