Without Much Ado, NHT Reworking Plans To Find The $11 Billion

The only bother to the National Housing Trust after the Finance Minister announced that the government will be taking an eye-opening amount from the organization,  is that the current business plan would have to be redone. One would expect some kicking and screaming, but that’s not the case here.

NHT - The Key To Your Home

NHT – The Key To Your Home

Instead, all we’re hearing is patriotism, nationalism, and constant talk about what’s good for Jamaica. Really?

“This contribution is being made in the national interest. NHT’s funding is inextricably linked to the fundamentals of the economy. If the economy thrives, our inflows thrive. Likewise, if the economy stagnates, the NHT can expect degradation in its contribution inflows and mortgage repayments. Had the NHT not been in a position to make this contribution, it could be that a larger tax package could have been required, thereby worsening the overall negative effect on our contributors.”

Question: Why weren’t more houses being built?

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