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The One Major Thing Downtown Kingston Needs Now

Somewhere to put all the cars of workers, customers, investors and everyone who goes to do their lawful business there. It is one of the main things businesses downtown have struggled with for years.

GraceKennedy Group chief executive officer, Don Wehby, recently reemphasized the need for the urban developers to take this issue seriously, especially as the government sets its hopes on unrestricted resurgence of business life downtown. Continue Reading

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A Whole New World, and We Want In! GraceKennedy Bets Big Internationally.

A Whole New World - Grace Readys to to FIGHT!

GraceKennedy is getting serious about being a Jamaican Global Consumer group (again). With the new CEO Don Wehby firmly in place, they have narrowed down their short term focus to:

  • Having Grace Foods Brands sold in 3 continents – bringing in a minimum of 15% sales revenue
  • Making half of their profits outside Jamaica
  • Forming strategic alliances with International partners e.g. Western Union, and
  • Expanding Financial Services specifically to the English speaking Caribbean. Continue Reading
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Management Changes in GraceKennedy Group, More Investments in Hardware & Lumber

GraceKennedy Group CEO, Don Wehby, has announced a number of management changes within the Group and  that the changes are being made with a view to ensuring continued growth and profitability. Continue Reading

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