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Bolt Can’t Hide His Money. Even Businessweek Is Calculating His New Puma Contract!

Usain Bolt's Gold Nissan GT-R by Shane

Usain Bolt is a star like no other. No matter what he does the world still cannot get enough of him. Now Bolt has renewed his endorsement deal with Puma, his main sponsor from his youngest days; and of course speculation is rife as to what that ‘undisclosed’ amount is. Businessweek takes a guess. Continue Reading

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Usain Bolt Does It Well For Puma

Dr. Usain St. Leo Bolt has undoubtedly delivered as the King of Sprints, and for that the entire Puma organization is proud. Through his astute and enormous victories, Dr. Bolt and his fellow Jamaican team-mates have actively influenced the increased sales of the company’s merchandise. However, it was not enough to increase profit margins. Oh Oh! Continue Reading


Link: Why Usain Bolt Should Have Played Basketball Instead

Even at US$17.5 million Lebron James is considered underpaid, and economists are estimating he should be paid much much more – as much as US$40 million. Track and field athletes however make nowhere close to that. In fact Usain’s US$12.5 … Continue reading

UPDATED:Will Usain’s ‘Mobot’ Pose After Winning the 4×100 Meters Relay At The London 2012 Olympics Cost Him?

Usain Bolt does the Mo-Farah pose at the London 2012 Olympics

Trademarking a Pose, Can you? – Image and Branding

No it will not cost Usain Bolt for doing the famous ‘Mobot’ pose in the London 2012 Olympics in honour of the famous British runner, Mo Farah. Mo Farah has (with the help of others, see video below) developed and trademarked his own celebratory pose, the ‘Mobot’. However, Bolt has done nothing that will require any payments for its use. So Bolt is free to honour his friend and fellow athlete this way, similar to how others honour him by striking the famous “To Do World” pose. Continue Reading

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Marketing An Olympic Champion – Usain’s Personality, Marketability and Brand

Usain Bolt bearing the Jamaican flag at the London 2012 Olympics

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With the hype of the London 2012 Olympics almost over, the world has witnessed incredible feats by one of the greatest sprinters of all time – Usain Bolt. Bolt is an amazing showman who has not only raised the profile of track and field but he has made significant progress in captivating the attention of billions. Continue Reading

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The Great Thing About Bolt Celebrating With the Italian Flag

Photo - Yahoo Sports | Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates with the Italian flag after winning the men's 100 metres event at the Golden Gala IAAF Diamond League at the Olympic stadium in Rome May 31, 2012. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi (ITALY - Tags: SPORT ATHLETICS)

How Bolt As A True Global Icon Benefits Jamaica

There are some people – one Lady actually wrote a letter to the Editor of the Gleaner – who think Usain Bolt messed up by celebrating with an Italian instead of a Jamaican flag at the end of his scorching Samsung Diamond League run in Rome last week.

The idea is that money has gone to the Legend’s head. That he has forsaken Jamaica by celebrating with foreign flags, warming up in colors of a foreign football team, and appearing at a news conference in a New York Yankees hat. Continue Reading

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Usain Bolt’s Income Off the Track – More than US$12.5 Million (J$1.1 Billion)

Usain Bolt at Quad (Jamaican Night Club) in 2008

Just endorsed headphones with Ludacris. Launching own video game.

The New York Times is reporting, that Usain Bolt can officially cement his status as a legend in his career of Track & Field at this 2012 Olympics. But they have also released a very important, not-to-be-glossed-over  number – the amount he earns off the track. Continue Reading

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Why Usain Bolt Is Making So Much Money!

by stupidpony

In case you didn’t know, Usain Bolt is a money magnet right now. The name, the shoes, the top endorsements and the upcoming movie career. Usain is Bolt is on fire and by the looks of things (especially if he breaks yet another record) he will continue to be.

Why? A new report published by a Cambridge University mathematician and publicized on major networks like the Discovery Channel, may give us quick insight into why Bolt is so intriguing, even to not athletics fans. Continue Reading

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