QWI JSE Holdings

By MoneyMax101

Follow this list to learn about and track the top 10 holdings of QWI Investments Ltd. QWI was listed on the Jamaican stock market in Sep 2019.  

QWI was incorporated as an investment company by Jamaican Teas Limited, a company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, and KIW International Limited, an unlisted public limited liability company. The business model primarily involves the holding of the tradeable securities of other companies for investment purposes as well as the pursuit of private equity opportunities.

The list includes their top 10 holdings and is updated quarterly, and sorted by the dollar value of each holding as at the date advised. The gains/losses are based on the latest closing price. 

This watchlist is currently weighted equally (and not based on the actual holdings).  Its largest holding AFS, was 19% of the J$ portfolio as at September.

As at Sep 2020, QWI had 74.4% of its $1.6 Billion portfolio invested in stocks on the JSE

Weighting: The stocks in the watch list are weighted equally (to calculate the lists' performance).

QWI JSE Holdings
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