Blue Power Group Ltd (JSE:BPOW)

Jamaica Stock Exchange

Last closed on 2021-01-15 at
J$2.90 0.00% 0.00
Opened at : 2.90.

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  • Adgez

    Fresh Earnings Season Episode! - Episode 10

    This week Randy (@RTRowe) and Danhai (@HDanhai) cover the latest announced Index from the #JSE , the Manufacturing and Distribution Index. They cover a few other things like the T... read more

    Adgez    • 1 year ago  • 7

  • Damd123

    Thinking increase in #BPOW shares may have been influenced by the record date of dividend payout. The date was today. Coincidence? Will be interesting to see the impact that separating it’s Lumber business from it’s Soap business has. Greater efficie... read more

    MoneyMax101    • 1 year ago  • 26

  • Avatar

    #BPOW Something wrong with the data on Blue Power Group. Ratios all seem like they're off and market cap about 10% of actual.

    Avatar    • 2 years ago  • 2