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    Advancing Stocks By Volume

    SecurityVolumeCloseChange% Change
    GENAC502,293J$2.98+0.21 7.58%
    CPJ431,702J$3.31+0.05 1.53%
    SGJ315,901J$44.94+0.94 2.14%
    JETCON286,000J$5.85+0.19 3.36%
    CWJ241,397J$1.13+0.03 2.73%
    SecurityVolumeCloseChange% Change
    CIF247,575TT$22.51+0.01 0.04%

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    Declining Stocks By Volume

    SecurityVolumeCloseChange% Change
    JAMT7,003,641J$4.30-0.06 -1.38%
    ProvenJA800,415J$19.36-0.32 -1.63%
    Proven489,884US$0.2300-0.0100 -4.17%
    SVL170,957J$7.27-0.19 -2.55%
    LASD81,100J$6.98-0.02 -0.29%
    SecurityVolumeCloseChange% Change
    WCO17,000TT$126.00-0.35 -0.28%

    Top % Decliners

    Security% ChangeChangeCloseVolume
    PJX-9.55%-0.95J$9.00 500
    BPOW-9.09%-5.00J$50.00 3,537
    RJR-9.09%-0.15J$1.50 44,371
    CBNY-9.09%-0.02J$0.20 3,000
    SRA-8.03%-0.31J$3.55 5,506
    Security% ChangeChangeCloseVolume
    WCO-0.28%-0.35TT$126.00 17,000

    Top % Gainers

    Security% ChangeChangeCloseVolume
    PAL27.69%+108.00J$498.00 888
    EPLY9.08%+1.08J$12.98 8,835
    GENAC7.58%+0.21J$2.98 502,293
    CAC6.67%+0.50J$8.00 100
    JP6.67%+1.00J$16.00 18,695
    Security% ChangeChangeCloseVolume
    CIF0.04%+0.01TT$22.51 247,575

    Analyst Rating Changes

    GENACHOLD ->BUYUpgrade VMWM Feb/06
    GENACBUY ->HOLDDowngrade VMWM Jan/30
    SEPHOLD ->SELLDowngrade VMWM Jan/30
    MTLDowngrade VMWM Jan/30
    AMGDowngrade VMWM Jan/30
    138SLUpgrade VMWM Jan/30