Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Help

How to contact us

  • To get help about any issue on the website just reply to any of our emails and we will get back to you ASAP

Stock Chat

How does it work?

  • Participation is required
  • Premium members have full access
  • Guidelines must be accepted and adhered to
  • Use #hashtags to tag and find topics of interest

Locked out of the chat?

  • We are deliberately limiting our stock chat to active members.
  • If your access to the chat has been restricted, it is more than likely due to not meeting certain participation requirements (viewing the chat a significant amount times, without sharing anything).
  • Before your access to the chat is restricted however, you would have been given numerous warnings and prompts. If you missed them, here is how to regain access
  • To regain access, share a comment/thought about investing or stocks and it will be reviewed and approved.
    • Just posting “Hi” alone is not enough
    • Posting a link without any explanation is not enough
  • Once approved you will have full access to the chat again for 24 hours
  • During this period, your goal should be to increase your participation with valuable and relevant content.
  • Once you have increased your participation during that period, you should have full access going forward. If not, the cycle will continue until you increase your content.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience but due to the growth in members and need to maintain the standard this is how we are approaching it for now

News Hub

How does our News Hub Work?

  1. First, we get the latest news from a wealth of sources across the web (Regulators, Government, Stock Exchanges, Companies, Newspapers, TV, Social Media)
  2. Then, we remove what’s not really relevant
  3. After that, we try to categorize, tag, group and label each. A LOT of work in the background, but well worth it!
  4. And finally, we feature the latest top items here, but all news is available here (chronologically)
  5. The best part though is being able to view by Category (e.g. Stock Market), Country (e.g. Guyana) or even Company (e.g. NCBFG)
  6. Lots of work but we hope you enjoy!


  1. Where do you get your figures? – We get them from published data that companies make


  1. I haven’t received any ___ lately – Some of our daily updates are set up to stop sending to inactive accounts after a certain period. It may be that you haven’t logged in recently.