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DescriptionAmt US$Date
1 6th oil project to flare for three months at start up – Exxon Study
Investment | | Guyana |
60.7m 0.71% 60.7m Apr 2024 Guyana
2 Mayberry fund to raise $3.3b bond
Debt | | Jamaica |
3.3b 38.82% 3.3b Apr 2024 Jamaica
3 Federal Trade Commission sues to block Tapestry’s acquisition of Capri
M&a | | Jamaica |
8.5b 100.00% 8.5b Apr 2024 Jamaica
4 Royal Caribbean’s Beach Club investment to surpass $165 million says exec
Investment | | Bahamas |
165.0m 1.94% 165.0m Apr 2024 Bahamas
5 Exxon’s contractor profits jump 40% with new deal in Guyana’s 6th oil project
Jv/partnership | | Guyana |
7.2m 0.08% 7.2m Apr 2024 Guyana

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Status: This list includes deals - Announced, Completed and Failed
Currency: Transactions are listed in both the currency announced and also US$.

The Aim: is to create a resource to ease research, investment, discover sales opportunities, track industries, countries and companies, their investments and those funding them. These are some of the top reasons.

Each transaction is linked to its news source (Deal No) and will eventually link to the related companies &/or persons. Other features will also be added soon (view in other currencies instead of US$, filter by type/status/country, sort by amount etc.)

The information is based on official company releases where available (firstly) or stock market disclosures; if not available, news paper articles and other public sources