Jamaica’s Stock Market Performance for January 2013

Believe it or not (not the bus can swim), today is February 1, 2013. If you invested in some of the stocks listed below, you could have earned a return of up to 58%, or seen your money loose significant value as well. However, either way a whole month is behind us. How did your investments perform for January 2013?

I hope you’ve read the 5 resolutions you should be making for 2013 and are making some, because now is the time to start investing.

As a part of our promise to provide you with relevant, reliable and rightly timed resources, we are presenting below, the performance of the stocks on the Jamaica Stock Exchange for the month of January 2013. Play with the table below (click on the headings to sort, or search in the box to narrow the list, pretty cool) and please give us your feedback.

A couple of points to note. Of the 48 listed common stocks;

Compared to January 2012, a year ago

  • Only 7 advanced when compared with January 2012 (the 4 new new listings for 2012 are excluded, KLE, C2W, Purity, Paramount).
  • On the regular market, only 4 stocks are trading above or at the same level compared to January last year, and share prices declined by 13% on average compared to last year.
  • On the Junior market share prices declined by 7% on average compared to January 2012.

Compared to December 2012, last month

  • Junior stock market prices have fallen 0.4% on average, and stock prices on the regular market have also declined by 1.2% on average.
  • 50% of the companies listed on the market saw their prices fall compared to what they closed at in Dec 2012. 14 companies advanced and the others traded firm.

These are the top performing stocks for January 2013 compared to where they closed at the end of December 2012.

  1. 58.33% – Palace Amusement
  2. 20.65% – Barita Investments Limited
  3. 18.75% – LIME
  4. 16.49% – Paramount Trading Limited
  5. 10.00% – Cargo Handlers Limited
  6. 9.94% – Carreras Limited
  7. 8.86% – Honey Bun Limited
  8. 8.00% – Kingston Wharves
  9. 6.45% – Seprod Limited
  10. 5.08% – Berger Paints (Jamaica)
  11. 2.04% – Lasco Financial Services Limited
  12. 1.29% – Access Financial Services Limited
  13. 0.49% – Jamaica Money Market Brokers
  14. 0.40% – Mayberry Investments Limited

Detailed Stock Market Performance Table

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