Updated ‘Home’ and New ‘Markets’ Page ??

5 days ago we debuted 2 new pages to our users and now….

drumroll ?…

…. we are rolling them out.

Reflecting another milestone for MoneyMax101 ????.

With these new pages, we’ve made both visual and technical enhancements to our ‘Home’ page and added a New ‘Markets’ page.

These two pages cover a lot of what is relevant to our users as they keep abreast of the latest happenings related to their investments.

Enhancements include

  • International indices (added)
  • International news now featured … with pics and categories
  • A dedicated ‘Markets’ page
  • A Bolder, Bigger look with images
  • Responsive and good on mobile as well
  • Most active stocks added (based on live trading data)
  • A new connected party section… highlighting companies with the most connected party transactions

So Here’s What We Have Now

Here are a few snaps of the new homepage with a few areas annotated for emphasis

The New ‘Markets’ Page

The markets page is another major milestone as we focus more on Caribbean markets and expand globally. It better highlights news and the latest market data.

Easily see the latest on the global markets

Dive into international news and Caribbean market data

And…. For Old Times Sake…

Here are a few pics of the previous home page for the record books.

Thanks much for all the time we spent! ???

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