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Audley Shaw to Challenge Jamaica’s Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness. Full Letter Attached

Leadership challenges, rumours and unresolved issues, continue to abound in the Jamaica Labour Party, Jamaica’s foremost opposition party behind the People’s National Party. After loosing the last national elections, they have done serious and continuous review and continue to evaluate their approach going forward. Now one of the top tier leaders, Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance is confirming his intention to mount a serious challenge to the present leader, Andrew Holness. See his letter to the press below. Continue Reading


Beyond the Debates: Keep Your Eyes on The ISSUES This Election.

PNP Manifesto Cover 2011

After anticipating what should have been a nail biting debate last night, public sentiment is that it has not added any value and still leaves many issues unresolved. My view is that the speakers may need more time to really answer the questions properly for the benefit of the viewers. Continue Reading

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Forget the Politics: 3 Critical Insights From Portia’s Warning to Investors

Jamaica No Way!

Does anybody need convincing that the recent warning to (local and foreign) investors by the Leader of the Opposition People’s National Party (The Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller) is most prejudicial to Jamaica’s economic welfare?


The statement came in response to the government’s plans to divest key tourist sites across the island including Dunn’s River Falls and Green Grotto Caves. Continue Reading