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Introducing Watchlists! A Watch List is a great tool for monitoring investments in which you are interested. Create or follow lists to track securities, follow price movements, stay on top of recent news, and get to know the companies before you invest. More below. Share feedback here

MoneyMax Watch Lists
Ordered by day's performance, best performing first
Funds (JSE)
4 Symbols
Companies created primarily for the holding and managing investments in quoted securities
Listed in 2020 (IPO)
6 Symbols
Companies joining the market by IPO in 2020
The Mayberry Stocks
10 Symbols
Top 10 largest holdings by Mayberry Jamaican Equities (MJE)
Most Discussed
20 Symbols
Most discussed in MoneyMax Stock Chat
Listed in 2019 (IPO)
16 Symbols
Companies joining the market by IPO in 2019
The stocks seeing the sharpest drop in prices in March 2020 when the market fell by over 21%
Upcoming Right Issues / APO
JSE companies that are majority owned by an International Company or Person
Most Often In The News
10 Symbols
Most Often In The News
Highest yielding dividend paying stocks
QWI JSE Holdings
10 Symbols
Top 10 largest JSE holdings by QWI Investments
Advancing Corona Stocks
12 Symbols
JSE stocks that advanced in March 2020 when the market fell 21%
Most Watched
10 Symbols
Most Watched
Most Active Large Cap Stocks
Top Insider Buying
10 Symbols
Companies with the most insider buying
Most Active Small Cap (Jr Market) Stocks
More About Watch Lists

With more and more stocks to choose from, narrowing your list down to an ideal number that you can easily keep track of is critical to building a successful portfolio.

New investors (and those already investing as well) can start by creating a list of stocks they are interested in (or following some of the lists already created) and watching those stocks over time, to get to know them.

Have other list ideas? Questions? Share feedback here.