Finally! Somebody is focusing on Corporate Governance…

However I have one burning question. Read further to find out.

Yes, I am happy that the October issue of Your Money eZine has an article about Corporate Governance and the Junior Market. However, even as we ensure that these Jr Market companies have mentors, and grow to learn and abide by the regulations, I have one question about the market itself.

As the number of Junior Market listings continue to increase I have seen instances that have been cause for concern and these relate to the overall operation of the stock market and the listing and trading of shares.

My one question is this

  1. Is the JSE doing enough to ensure Market Efficiency?
    1. Is information disseminated to the public in such a way that everyone can access it and make decisions at the same time to take advantage of any opportunities present?
    2. Is the information available to the public in a user-friendly manner, and is the website developed in such a way to ensure that the information can be easily accessed by all?

One specific example relates to the listing of new shares on the index. There remains no visible indication about the exact date a particular share that has IPO’d will start trading. I have seen for instance where the Trinidad Stock Exchange will send a release that a particular share will start trading tomorrow. However I do not see this for Jamaica. You will know that a newly issued share is trading, when it hits the index. If this information exists, I am yet to see it.

There are also also issues accessing information from the JSE website. The RSS feed is not the best and it does not seem to have all the articles posted.

I am happy for the focus on Corporate Governance, now lets look at market efficiency.

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