Who else wants to maximize their money?

Hello, fellow MoneyMaxers, and welcome to MoneyMax101. Let me officially welcome you!

This is what i would call the first ‘official’ week and a half for MoneyMax101, and it has been great! I call it the first week (and a half) because even though the site existed before, majority of the focus was on getting the structure, and systems setup and in place before going public.

Last week (beginning of October) I registered the MoneyMax101 domain and did the first few posts. I also hooked the site up to twitter and started blogging and tweeting with the official MoneyMax101 brand. People like it!

At the end of the day, my aim is to create a site that will help you to maximize your money, whether it relates to your spending, investing or in your businesses. I intend to offer you tools and tips with considerable value to help you to make the most of these circumstances.

Are you ready to maximize your money? What kind of tips and tools would be most beneficial to you?

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