IPO Alert: Caribbean 2 World (C2W) Music Limited

If, all goes well, Caribbean 2 World (C2W) Music Limited will be the 13th company to be listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market. They are being touted as the first Intellectual Property Initial Public Offering (IPO) as well as the first start up on the Junior Stock Exchange.

Caribbean 2 World (C2W) Music Limited

Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) will be the lead broker for this IPO, making it their second listing on the Junior Market since its inception in 2009. Of the 12 companies presently listed, 10 were listed by Mayberry Investments Limited, 1 by Stocks and Securities Ltd, and 1 by Pan Caribbean. The listed companies are below (along with the lead broker to the extreme left. MIL – Mayberry, SSL – Stocks and Securities, PCB – Pan Caribbean);

  1. MIL – Access Financial Services Limited
  2. SSL – AMG Packaging & Paper Company Limited
  3. MIL – Blue Power Group Limited
  4. MIL – Cargo Handlers Limited
  5. MIL – Caribbean Producers Jamaica
  6. PCB – Dolphin Cove Limited
  7. MIL – General Accident Insurance Company Jamaica Limited
  8. MIL – Honey Bun (1982) Limited
  9. MIL – Jamaican Teas Limited
  10. MIL – Lasco Distributors Limited
  11. MIL – Lasco Financial Services Limited
  12. MIL – Lasco Manufacturing Limited

The Investor Briefing for Caribbean 2 World (C2W) Music Limited will be Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 at 9AM at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel and the company will be seeking to raise about J$120 million to J$140 million at about J$1.20 to J$1.40 per share. They will be offering 22% – 27% of the company.

Caribbean 2 World (C2W) Music Limited’s mandate is described as being ‘to seek, develop, market, exploit and gain top revenues globally for CARIBBEAN songwriters’.

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