Caribbean 2 World (C2W) Music Limited Investor Briefing Feedback…in tweets

We were not at the Investor Briefing for Caribbean 2 World (C2W) Music Limited held yesterday Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel where the company was being introduced.  Preliminary information was that the company would be seeking to raise about J$120 million to J$140 million at about J$1.20 to J$1.40 per share, offering 22% – 27% of the company.


Based on social media feedback, it seems like the presentation was quite impressive and full of potential. This is the feedback we are seeing in tweets about the C2W Investor briefing.

Ivan Berry – In talks with Island Def Jam. There is possibility for a Cbean Def Jam label. #C2W

— Creative Industries (@jamprocreative) December 6, 2011

C2W Music Ltd. will need to sign some good songwriters, plus get their output sung by some big names and/or 2nd tier artistes

— Sandor Panton (@top5jamaica) December 6, 2011

Synchronisation royalties, performance royalties, and mechanical royalties are the revenue streams of #C2W #IvanBerry

— Creative Industries (@jamprocreative) December 6, 2011

If you’re a Caribbean songwriter covering pop/hip hop/r&b genres, you should be interested in C2W Music Ltd.

— dancehallmobi (@dancehallmobi) December 6, 2011

Ivan Berry speaking of Cbean songwriters who write for world-famous artistes – and the ability to monetise that flow. #C2W

— Creative Industries (@jamprocreative) December 6, 2011

Big things happening in Caribbean music, thanks to Ivan Berry and #C2W Music Ltd.

— Insight Studios (@InsightStudios1) December 6, 2011

Where you there? What do you think about this investment opportunity?

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