Beyond the Debates: Keep Your Eyes on The ISSUES This Election.

After anticipating what should have been a nail biting debate last night, public sentiment is that it has not added any value and still leaves many issues unresolved. My view is that the speakers may need more time to really answer the questions properly for the benefit of the viewers.

JLP Achievements 2011

Last night was the 2nd in a three part series of political debates in Jamaica as it leads up to a national election to be held on December 29, 2011. The first was about socio-economic issues and the panel was made up of youth, debating youth issues. The second was about finance and the economy and this featured both finance ministers. The third will feature the Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his opposition, the Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller.

At the end of the day, we have a very big duty as voters (and interested citizens) to remain abreast of the issues as we decide how to vote. Earlier this week the PNP (Jamaica’s present opposition party) published its manifesto, and similarly the JLP (the ruling party) published its list of achievements over the years. It will be for us to read those and make our judgments. They promise to publish their manifesto next week. At this point I would have to agree with my friend Andre that this really gives voters little time to decide on the issues, as the manifesto will be published only a week before voting will take place.

PNP Manifesto Cover 2011

As members of the MoneyMax101 Community interested in maximizing our money, please read or skim through the manifestos and achievements and highlight issues that we should be concerned about. We need to pay keen attention to those issues. Highlight things that are not clear, things that you would like the further understand, and we can discuss these further as a community.

I have included both documents here for reference. Please read and leave comments.

  • The PNP Manifesto Read here
  • Read the JLP’s List of achievements here

I have embedded the JLP’s list of achievements below.

What do you think of the list of achievements and the manifesto?

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