Introducing Our New Membership Plans. Plus Some Survey Feedback

In October 2011, we started on the journey of building a website, focused on business and investing. At first, it was supposed to be a place to just share ideas and thoughts on investing and doing business in the Caribbean. However, over the years, we have seen both the opportunity and need to devote our time towards creating resources, tools, and information to help investors better stay on top of the markets and their investments.

This has led to us spending countless hours gathering information, organizing and categorizing it; making it easier to access and understand. We have spent a lot of time building something for the everyday user interested in monitoring the markets and staying on top their investments. As a result, we now have a number of tools which persons heavily rely on to stay on top of their investments. Our daily market summary, our portfolio tracking tools and emails, and our newly created news hub are some of the key areas that are heavily relied on by our users. Our company profile pages and stock screener/summary reports are also well loved.


Our Users Want More – Plus Some Survey Results

We are very happy to see the support and feedback we get from our users, and we are constantly working on meeting all of your needs. In fact, our users love the site and want more. We have met and or spoken to some users, received emails, or seen it in the recent survey where our users are just in love with the site. 52% of the users discovered the site from a friend or colleague and 70% stated that they have recommended the site to someone. This speaks volumes to the value that users place on our site.

One of the more important findings however (in our recently completed survey) is the fact that 93% of our users have stated that they would be either ‘somewhat or very disappointed’ if they could no longer use this site.

We are very happy for this strong level of support – and we are not stopping there. We continue to work on a number of areas and have quite a few of things which we will be releasing shortly. We have also heard the requests for real-time market updates (already in the pipeline), improving some areas of the site, more features in the portfolio tracker, building an app and much more. And we are already working on the majority of these areas, and want you to know that we have them in consideration.


Where We Are And The Road Ahead

Getting to where we are today has been an awesome journey. One where we have invested heavily in building something that would be useful to the everyday person. Even though we were already spreadsheet gurus and OK with that (which is a very good way to track your portfolio by the way) we wanted to do something that would help and inspire people. And so far we think we are on our way to achieving that goal.

Today, we are taking it a step further. We want to accelerate our investment in this resource and work even harder on creating the best avenue for staying on top of the Caribbean financial markets. Today we are launching our membership plans, which is really a way for our users to show their support in helping us to continue to build and maintain this awesome resource. As a part of this roll out all existing users (not already on a plan) will have a chance to choose one of our new membership plans, and we are giving existing users up until Monday, December 11, 2017, to choose a plan that fits their needs. You can view our plans here.

We are heartened by your support and the feedback that we continue to receive from you. In fact, weeks before we even announced our plans we have had users sign up and pay for premium membership plans and this has been a really strong show of support for the work that we are doing. It has helped to encourage us to push forward with investing in this awesome resource.

As we go, we want to thank you again for supporting the site, and using it as your source of staying abreast of the Caribbean markets and monitoring your portfolio. We also thank you in advance for your support going forward and hope you will come with us as we continue to invest in creating the best resource for staying on top the Caribbean financial markets.


Thanks again.

Stephen – Founder

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