Portfolio Enhancements & #Hashtags

Stock Chat Hashtags

Last week we launched #hashtags in our stock chat. Our online stock chat has really taken on a life of its own – free for all to join (but with guidelines to maintain quality).

#hashtags can be used to group/tag similar items of interest. Now you can easily view what people have been saying about topics and even companies. Existing tags include

#recommendedreading #upcomingIPOs #PJAM #PALresults #consolidation #loadup #failfast #getyourfundsready #intrinsicvalue #madness
#TheNationsBestBank #notrecommended

This is only a few.

Portfolio Enhancements

We’re excited about a new set of enhancements coming to your portfolio. Very very soon you should be able to view a graph of your total portfolio’s performance over time and also drill down and view by stock.

You will be able to click on each stock and see it’s total value versus the amount you invested, and the graph even shows each time a sale/purchase was done. Nice!

Additionally, we’ve added a section showing your TOTAL RETURN – Dividends plus Capital Gain.

Yes, we will calculate the EXACT dividend amount you would have earned for a period based on your transaction dates.

Plus there’s also a running balance of your transactions for the stock selected.

Stay tuned for more updates in the days ahead.

In the meantime, ensure you update your portfolio transaction dates to view the graphs, and dividend information when it becomes available.

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