Introducing Market Insights

Moneymax101 has a LOT of data.

It’s true.

That’s the strength of using our service. We keep you updated and give you the information you need to make decisions. Saving you lots of time and effort.

But We Wanted To Do More..

Of late, we wanted to do something more. Something to periodically highlight key things to note in the market, using the data we have (while also reminding and showcasing to users the wealth of data they have access to).

The other thing we wanted to achieve was to build something that would give a wider, longer-term picture than just the daily movements in the market.

Introducing Our Weekly Market Insights

For the last 3 weeks, we’ve been providing weekly updates and stats on the companies listed on the stock exchange – in what we are calling our ‘Market Insights’. You can view the latest reports on our home page here.

What does it include

It is a compilation of stats and tips on the market. Each week we will highlight the best performing, trending & top-ranked stocks and more – giving our members tips on what has been performing well and what to look forward to. It includes…

  • Most traded stocks this week – ranked based on number of trades.
  • Best Performers (MTD)
  • Worst Performers (MTD)
  • Most Valuable Companies By Market Capitalization
  • Bid-Ask Spreads (Both for stocks with bids above and below the close price, showing stocks that are projected to increase/decrease based on bids/asks)
  • Trending Stocks – Stocks seeing consecutive increases or decreases in prices and/or volume
  • Raging Bulls (Top performers YTD)
  • YTD Bears (Worst performers)
  • New Listings

Since the launch, we’ve also added

  • Top Dividend Stocks (Including Amt, Ccy & Frequency)
  • Other Top Dividend Stocks – Stocks with good yields but making less frequent payments

And In the weeks ahead we will dig into the wealth of data we possess to include more insights. Look out for most indebted (debt-to-assets), sector performance and more.

Here’s a Sample

Here are a few pictures of the first report and what it looks like

For our premium subscribers, we hope that you will find this to be quite helpful. As always thanks for the feedback and support.

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