Barita Investments Ltd (BIL) Mar 2020 (Q2) – Strong Loan, Interest Income & Profit Growth Continues

Barita Investments Ltd (BIL) recently reported their March 2020 (Q2) results. Here are the highlights.

This is just a summary, but for more charts, ratios and other details visit BIL’s page here

Year To Date (2020Q2)

  • Net Interest Income of $540.08m. Increasing by 110.63% or 283.66m YTD YoY.
    Massive growth. Apart from 2019 Q2 (with 22% growth), they have been growing Net Interest Income over 50% YoY each quarter (See
    Net Interest Income (YoY Change) Chart)
  • Net Fee and Commission Income of $760.40m. Increasing by 83.67% or 346.41m YTD YoY.
    Total Non-interest income (not only fees, includes Securities trading (the big one) and Fx Trading) was 76.2% of revenues, reflecting reduced reliance on Interest Income
  • Administration & General Expenses of $-518.91m. Increasing by 141.16% or -303.73m YTD YoY.
    Admin expenses up 141% due to increased marketing and business development etc.
  • Total Operating Expenses totaled $-958.42m. Up by 106.73% or -494.81m YTD YoY.
    Significant growth in staff costs (to fuel the growth) +53%. Their expected credit losses are also growing (as expected with the growth in the Balance sheet)
  • Income Tax of $-294.08m. Up by 60.38% or -110.71m YTD YoY.
  • Net Income (Profit) totaled $1.01b. Increasing by 95.94% or 495.71m YTD YoY.
    BIL’s highest 6M Net Profit in its history
  • Comprehensive Income was $548.33m. Declining by -41.91% or -395.53m YTD YoY.

Net Interest Income (YTD)

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