Seprod’s (SEP) Sep 2020 (Q3) Earnings Are Out – Here Are The Numbers

Seprod Ltd (SEP) just released their September 2020 (Q3) numbers. Here are the highlights.

Year To Date (2020Q3)

  • Revenue of $28.66b. Up by 15.57% or 3.86b YTD YoY.
  • Net Income (Profit) From Continuing Operations of $2.53b. Up by 117.30% or 1.37b YTD YoY.
    Largely due to a one-off gain of J$762 million from the sale of a property that the Group was able to dispose of due to the consolidation and relocation of a distribution operation; andĀ  efforts made in prior years to strengthen the business fundamentals

This Quarter (2020Q3) vs Same Quarter Last Year

  • Revenue of $10.05b vs $8.19b (22.65%)
  • Net Income (Profit) From Continuing Operations of $1.31b vs $284.61m (361.33%)

The Group exited the perennial loss-making sugar manufacturing operation in July 2019. The losses from the discontinued sugar manufacturing operation for the nine (9) months ended 30 September 2020 amounted to J$47 million. This compares to losses of J$786 million for the corresponding period in 2019.

This is just a summary. For more charts, ratios and other details visit SEP’s page here

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