Intl News Review: UK Borrowing in September rises to £36bn – Oct 23, 2020

Hello, MoneyMax101 readers! Here’s your news review. A summary of some of the biggest global news stories this week.

UK borrowing in September rises to £36bn

BBC News – Business / UKWed Oct 21, 2020

Key Takeaway: Good read to learn more about the UK economy. What we found interesting was the interest rate at which the UK is able to borrow.

“The national debt is now 103.5% of the size of the UK’s economy, as measured in gross domestic product (GDP). The last time debt as a proportion of the economy was so large was 1960. Prior to that a peak of almost 250% was reached in the aftermath of World War Two. Under normal circumstances, such a high ratio may put off lenders to the UK. However, the government can currently borrow money for 10 years at 0.19%.”

Jamaica also did some borrowing recently, guess the rate?

Gilead’s Virus Drug Remdesivir Gains Approval From FDA

Bloomberg Markets and Finance / USAThu Oct 22, 2020

Key Takeaway: This allows them to use it more widely. Market it, charge more etc

Gilead’s Remdesivir Becomes First Covid-19 Drug to Win FDA Approval

QuickTake by Bloomberg / USAThu Oct 22, 2020

Key Takeaway: Gilead charges $2,340 for a typical treatment course for people covered by government health programs in the United States and other developed countries, and $3,120 for patients with private insurance. The amount that patients pay out of pocket depends on insurance, income and other factors.

Key Takeaway: TSLA up a massive 400+% this year. One of the most anticipated results this week. Look at the 52 W range below. Massive

TSLA Close: 420.63 52w Range: 57.84 – 502.49 Mkt Cap: $392.67b

Key Takeaway: Victim of the streaming wars. Who’s next?

Ant Gets Approval for Shanghai IPO

Bloomberg Markets and Finance / USAWed Oct 21, 2020

Key Takeaway: One of the biggest IPOs ever…. coming soon.

The mammoth dual listing for Chinese fintech giant Ant Group will be the world’s biggest, according to a pricing determined on Friday night, Alibaba founder Jack Ma said.

Sources have said the listing could be worth $35 billion, surpassing the record set by Saudi Aramco’s $29.4 billion float last December.

Ant has an extensive payment and micro-lending business. Source

Key Takeaway: Another one of the more anticipated reports this week. Growth has slowed significantly

NFLX Close: 488.28 52w Range: 268.80 – 575.37 Mkt Cap: $215.34b

The New York Times media reporter Ed Lee compares Netflix to Disney

CNBC Television / USATue Oct 20, 2020

Key Takeaway: Another take on the NFLX results. Market slightly disappointed with the slowdown in subscriber growth

NFLX Close: 488.28 52w Range: 268.80 – 575.37 Mkt Cap: $215.34b

Ireland Returns to Lockdown

Bloomberg Markets and Finance / USATue Oct 20, 2020

Key Takeaway: Ireland imposed a 6 week lockdown. Quite a long time

Key Takeaway: Great news for AMC investors and the sector as well

AMC Close: 2.97 52w Range: 1.95 – 10.35 Mkt Cap: $324.68m

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