Caribbean Cement Company Ltd (CCC) Releases Strong Sep 2020 (Q3) Results – Solid Profits, Debt Reduction

Caribbean Cement Company Ltd (CCC) has released their September 2020 (Q3) numbers. Here are the highlights.

Year To Date (2020Q3)

  • Revenue totaled $15.10b. Up by 11.77% or 1.59b YTD YoY.
  • Net Income (Profit) was $2.23b. Increasing by 42.00% or 660.71m YTD YoY.
    Management says  “This solid operating result is attributable to higher volumes sold, prudent cost containment measures and operational efficiencies that have allowed us to keep operational costs and expense in check despite the increased rate of production.”

Revenue (YTD)

Net Income (Profit) (YTD)

  • Cash Flow From Operating Activities totaled $5.23b. Up by 38.94% or 1.46b YTD YoY.
     The cash flow generation has allowed the company to reduce debt by $4.7 billion for the year to date. A massive reduction.

This Quarter (2020Q3) vs Same Quarter Last Year

  • Revenue totaled $5.77b vs $4.38b (31.67%)
  • Net Income (Profit) was $1.23b vs $76.85m (1,499.86%)
    Also of note, “the Company continues with an aggressive USD debt repayment policy which has allowed it to reduce the financial expenses by $36 million and the Company’s foreign exchange risk compared with Q3 2019”

Release here

This is just a summary. For more charts, ratios and other details visit CCC’s page here

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