PanJam Investment Limited Sees Revenue & Profit Rebound: Here Are The Numbers For Jun 2021 (Q2)

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PanJam Investment limited (PJAM) has released their June 2021 (Q2) numbers. Here are the highlights.

This Quarter (2021Q2) vs Same Quarter Last Year
  • Operating Income totaled $1.41b vs $538.35m (161.22%)
    Income from core operations almost tripled, driven by better investment income, reversing investment losses last year. Property income down 13% vs last year due to reduced reval gains, but this was offset by higher rental income
  • Net Income totaled $1.32b vs $498.40m (165.13%)
    A major improvement over last year, driven mainly by strong revenue growth, (investment income as stated above)
Net Income
Quarterly Financials 1.89b 2019Q4 12.00m 2020Q1 498.40m 2020Q2 1.54b 2020Q3 1.48b 2020Q4 1.02b 2021Q1 1.32b 2021Q2

This is just a summary. For more charts, ratios and other details visit PJAM’s page here

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