JSE Daily: ISP, MEEG & JSE Lead Advancers – Mar 14, 2019

Stock market performance report for Thursday 14th of March 2019 below.

Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE)


  • JSE Combined Index – 13.0m shares / $165.5m traded.
  • There were no new 52-week highs and 1 52-week lows today.

Market Performance

  • Ordinary Shares – Main Market – 5,119,373 shares, 35 stocks traded, 15 not traded.
  • Ordinary Shares – Junior Market – 7,985,057 shares, 24 stocks traded, 10 not traded.
  • Preference Shares – Main Market – 74,000 shares, 35 stocks traded, 19 not traded.

Top 5 Advancing Stocks (view all advancing stocks here)

  1. ISP Finance Services Limited (ISP) shares advanced 14.81% or +2.00 to close at J$15.50 with 500 shares traded.
  2. Main Event Entertainment Group Ltd (MEEG) shares advanced 10.48% or +0.55 to close at J$5.80 with 1,229 shares traded.
  3. Jamaica Stock Exchange Ltd (JSE) shares advanced 8.45% or +1.24 to close at J$15.92 with 72,142 shares traded. (Today’s range: J$15.65 – J$16.00)
  4. Pulse Investments (PULS) shares advanced 7.20% or +0.18 to close at J$2.68 with 20,000 shares traded. (Today’s range: J$2.65 – J$2.68)
  5. Lasco Distributors Ltd (LASD) shares advanced 6.95% or +0.26 to close at J$4.00 with 10,150 shares traded.

Top 5 (Intra-Day) Advancing Stocks (Not including the top 5 advancers above)

  1. FosRich Company Ltd (FOSRICH) traded between -4.31% and 7.66% above yesterday’s closing price of J$4.18 ( from J$4.00 to J$4.50) . It closed at J$4.39.
  2. Medical Disposables and Supplies Ltd (MDS) traded between -7.14% and 7.14% above yesterday’s closing price of J$7.00 ( from J$6.50 to J$7.50) . It closed at J$7.32.
  3. Everything Fresh Ltd (EFRESH) traded at 6.67% above yesterday’s closing price of J$1.50. It closed at J$1.60.
  4. Express Catering Ltd (ECL) traded between -4.21% and 6.64% above yesterday’s closing price of J$7.83 ( from J$7.50 to J$8.35) . It closed at J$7.60.
  5. iCreate Ltd (ICREATE) traded between 1.05% and 5.26% above yesterday’s closing price of J$0.95 ( from J$0.96 to J$1.00) . It closed at J$0.98.

Top 5 Value Traded

  1. PanJam Investment limited (PJAM) shares valued at J$68.2m were traded. The stock moved -4.75% or -3.90 to close at J$78.17 with 854,177 units traded. (Today’s range: J$78.00 – J$81.70)
  2. Jamaica Producers Group Ltd (JP) shares valued at J$27.7m were traded. The stock moved -6.12% or -1.44 to close at J$22.08 with 1,219,097 units traded. (Today’s range: J$22.00 – J$23.50)
  3. Supreme Ventures Ltd (SVL) shares valued at J$24.4m were traded. The stock moved -4.35% or -1.07 to close at J$23.51 with 1,037,087 units traded. (Today’s range: J$23.01 – J$24.00)
  4. Lasco Manufacturing Ltd (LASM) shares valued at J$18.9m were traded. The stock moved -1.29% or -0.04 to close at J$3.06 with 6,167,975 units traded.
  5. Express Catering Ltd (ECL) shares valued at J$4.5m were traded. The stock moved -2.94% or -0.23 to close at J$7.60 with 570,123 units traded. (Today’s range: J$7.50 – J$8.35)

Top 5 Volume Traded

  1. Lasco Manufacturing Ltd (LASM) – 6.2m units traded. The shares moved -1.29% or -0.04 to close at J$3.06
  2. Jamaica Producers Group Ltd (JP) – 1.2m units traded. The shares moved -6.12% or -1.44 to close at J$22.08 (Today’s range: J$22.00 – J$23.50)
  3. Supreme Ventures Ltd (SVL) – 1.0m units traded. The shares moved -4.35% or -1.07 to close at J$23.51 (Today’s range: J$23.01 – J$24.00)
  4. PanJam Investment limited (PJAM) – 854.2k units traded. The shares moved -4.75% or -3.90 to close at J$78.17 (Today’s range: J$78.00 – J$81.70)
  5. AMG Packaging & Paper Company Ltd (AMG) – 686.8k units traded. The shares moved -1.47% or -0.03 to close at J$2.01 (Today’s range: J$2.00 – J$2.09)

Top 5 Declining Stocks (view all declining stocks here)

  1. 138 Student Living Jamaica Limited (138SL) declined -25.93% or -1.40 to close at J$4.00 (trading between J$4.00 and J$4.00) with 2,000 shares traded
  2. Sweet River Abattoir & Supplies Company Ltd (SRA) declined -14.29% or -0.50 to close at J$3.00 (trading between J$3.00 and J$3.00) with 198 shares traded
  3. Sygnus Credit Investments Limited USD Ordinary Shares (SCIUSD) declined -9.09% or -0.01 to close at J$0.10 (trading between J$0.10 and J$0.10) with 4,816 shares traded
  4. Blue Power Group Ltd (BPOW) declined -7.00% or -0.35 to close at J$4.65 (trading between J$4.65 and J$4.65) with 100 shares traded
  5. Jamaica Producers Group Ltd (JP) declined -6.12% or -1.44 to close at J$22.08 (trading between J$22.00 and J$23.50) with 1,219,097 shares traded

Top 5 (Intra-Day) Declining Stocks (Not including the top 5 decliners above)

  1. Margaritaville (Turks) Ltd (MTL) traded between 4.35% and -8.70% below yesterday’s closing price of US$0.2300 (from US$0.2100 to US$0.2400) . It closed at US$0.2400.
  2. Medical Disposables and Supplies Ltd (MDS) traded between 7.14% and -7.14% below yesterday’s closing price of J$7.00 (from J$6.50 to J$7.50) . It closed at J$7.32.
  3. Supreme Ventures Ltd (SVL) traded between -2.36% and -6.39% below yesterday’s closing price of J$24.58 (from J$23.01 to J$24.00) . It closed at J$23.51.
  4. Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances Ltd (CFF) traded at -5.83% below yesterday’s closing price of J$18.00. It closed at J$16.95.
  5. PanJam Investment limited (PJAM) traded between -0.45% and -4.96% below yesterday’s closing price of J$82.07 (from J$78.00 to J$81.70) . It closed at J$78.17.

52-Week High/Lows

1 stock(s) hit 52-week lows today. (more about these stocks here)

  1. Sweet River Abattoir & Supplies Company Ltd traded at its 52-week low of J$3.00.

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