TTSE Daily: GraceKennedy Ltd (GKC) Lead Market Volumes With 351.0k Shares Traded – Jun 04, 2018

Stock market performance report for Monday 4th of June 2018 below.

Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE)

Top 5 Advancing Stocks (view all advancing stocks here)

  1. CLICO Investment Fund (CIF) shares advanced 0.20% or +0.04 to close at TT$20.19 with 133,823 shares traded.
  2. The West Indian Tobacco Company Ltd (WCO) shares advanced 0.10% or +0.09 to close at TT$88.49 with 5,500 shares traded.

Top 5 Value Traded

  1. CLICO Investment Fund (CIF) shares valued at TT$2.7m were traded. The stock moved +0.20% or +0.04 to close at TT$20.19 with 133,823 units traded. (Today’s range: TT$20.15 – TT$20.20)
  2. GraceKennedy Ltd (GKC) shares valued at TT$1.1m were traded. The stock moved -1.64% or -0.05 to close at TT$3.00 with 351,000 units traded. (Today’s range: TT$3.00 – TT$3.05)
  3. FirstCaribbean International Bank Ltd (FCI) shares valued at TT$1.0m were traded. The stock moved 0.00% or 0.00 to close at TT$8.85 with 117,954 units traded.
  4. Sagicor Financial Corporation (SFC) shares valued at TT$969.7k were traded. The stock moved -0.38% or -0.03 to close at TT$7.97 with 121,664 units traded.
  5. The West Indian Tobacco Company Ltd (WCO) shares valued at TT$486.5k were traded. The stock moved +0.10% or +0.09 to close at TT$88.49 with 5,500 units traded. (Today’s range: TT$88.40 – TT$88.50)

Top 5 Volume Traded

  1. GraceKennedy Ltd (GKC) – 351.0k units traded. The shares moved -1.64% or -0.05 to close at TT$3.00 (Today’s range: TT$3.00 – TT$3.05)
  2. CLICO Investment Fund (CIF) – 133.8k units traded. The shares moved +0.2% or +0.04 to close at TT$20.19 (Today’s range: TT$20.15 – TT$20.20)
  3. Sagicor Financial Corporation (SFC) – 121.7k units traded. The shares moved -0.38% or -0.03 to close at TT$7.97
  4. FirstCaribbean International Bank Ltd (FCI) – 117.10k units traded. The shares moved 0% or 0.00 to close at TT$8.85
  5. The West Indian Tobacco Company Ltd (WCO) – 5.5k units traded. The shares moved +0.1% or +0.09 to close at TT$88.49 (Today’s range: TT$88.40 – TT$88.50)

Top 5 Declining Stocks (view all declining stocks here)

  1. Calypso Macro Index Fund (CALYP) declined -11.11% or -2.00 to close at TT$16.00 (trading between TT$16.00 and TT$16.00) with 10 shares traded
  2. Guardian Holdings Ltd (GHL) declined -3.96% or -0.68 to close at TT$16.50 (trading between TT$16.50 and TT$16.50) with 1,578 shares traded
  3. GraceKennedy Ltd (GKC) declined -1.64% or -0.05 to close at TT$3.00 (trading between TT$3.00 and TT$3.05) with 351,000 shares traded
  4. National Enterprises Ltd (NEL) declined -1.55% or -0.15 to close at TT$9.50 (trading between TT$9.50 and TT$9.50) with 100 shares traded
  5. Jamaica Money Market Brokers Group Ltd (JMMBGL) declined -0.53% or -0.01 to close at TT$1.89 (trading between TT$1.89 and TT$1.89) with 5,176 shares traded
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