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    Jamaica Stock Exchange / Jamaica - Wed May 15, 2019 04:42 pm
    Berger Paints Jamaica Limited (BRG) Unaudited Financial Statements for the First Quarter Ended March 31, 2019
    5 comments 6 days ago from philob13753

    • Amplexus
      Amplexus | 6 days agoDisappointment after disappointment with BRG's earnings data. Time to bail.
    • Stephen
      Stephen | 6 days agoWell it seems stable, when i opened i thought it would have been worse.

      Tell me something is that in J$? Are they really making J$4m profit from J$500m sales?? wow
    • Amplexus
      Amplexus | 6 days agoYes brother you are right. $3.96m profit from $498m in revenue. That is a less than 1% yield. It appears as though there expenses are out of control, primarily "raw materials and consumables used" and "employee benefits expense" which accounts for essentially 70% of their expenses. Profits are down 40%. I just checked the queue on jtrader and there are no buyers. Lol
    • Stephen
      Stephen | 6 days agolol I can imagine. I guess sellers for sure. strange though, cuz BRG has a good reputation on the market. guess we will see
    • philob13753
      philob13753 | 6 days agoGlad I dropped this rock two quarters ago

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