Angostura Opt for Stability & Continuity in Choosing New CEO

Angostura Holdings Limited could have brought in some new hotshot to take over the business when former Managing director and Chief executive officer Wayne Yip Choy retired. They did not take that route. This time, a family guy got the nod.

Angostura is keeping it in the family | by NAKANA

The company flung its support behind Robert Wong, one of its own members with over 20 years of experience with the company.

Wong’s announcement of appointment read:

Mr Wong has over 20 years experience at Angostura Ltd. in the areas of distilling, blending, packaging, and international bulk product sales adding strength in the commercial and technical aspects of the business. [1]

Before his elevation on January 1, 2012, Wong was executive manager for rum bulk sales.

Find out more about the direction of the company over the last few years and why it decided to choose Wong at this most critical moment.

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