Can the Most Expensive Prison on Earth Really Go Green?

Here is something I bet you did not know about the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. Because the base must create its own electricity and desalinize its own water, its energy costs are as high as Flava Flave’s chances of ever being elected US President are low.

As Flav's chances are incredibly low (impossible); Gitmo's costs are incredibly high.

It costs approximately USD$32,000 a day, or USD$11.7 million a year just to keep the lights on at the base, and to desalinize enough water for the more than 6000 prisoners and US military personnel that live there.

Dying under the weight of the high fuel bill the US Navy has been working to cut every unnecessary fuel cost. There are extensive solar projects underway, and wind turbines have been erected. Instead of air-conditioned Denali’s and other large vehicles, patrol is done on bicycles. It saves the base $800-a-year.

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