If You Plan to Build Now – Why Contractors Are Charging More Today Than Last Year!

Your contractor has asked us to inform you that as much as he likes you, the 7 – 12 percent price increase on cement by Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) means he has to charge you more.

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Overall construction costs will increase by approximately 0.3 percent, if what TCL told Trinidad and Tobago Contractors Association (TTCA) president Mervyn Chin is correct.

That means, for a house costing $400,000, contractors will spend about $1,300 more on cement. For the average person, the retail price increased from approximately $44 to $52 per bag. The only difference between prices for the public and contractors comes from the fact that contractors may buy bulk directly from the factory at about $45 per bag.

What does TCL have to say for themselves?

TCL noted its last increase was 6.5 percent in September 2008. However, this was soon followed by a five percent price reduction at the introduction of Premium Plus in May 2009.

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