Hallelujah! Caribbean Tourism To Benefit as Global Demand for Vacation Cruises to Surges

According to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA) – the world’s largest market Research Group – more and more people across the world will be opting to vacation by way of cruises in the near future. This of course is a big deal for Caribbean nations, among of the most popular, most sought after cruise destinations in the world.

by Jorge Quinteros

 Large numbers of the populace are opting for cruising as a means to spend their vacation. The growth can be attributed to the additional destinations, offering recreational activities, and providing different varieties of foods to cruise passengers. Cruise lines,for instance, are offering new-generation of onboard features, such as bungee-trampolines, rock-climbing walls, ice-skating rinks, multi-room villas with in-suite Jacuzzis and private pools, self-leveling billiard tables, demonstration kitchens, water parks, golf simulators, planetariums, surf pools and on-deck LED movie screens.

It is noted that the major players in the cruise world operate focus greatly on the Caribbean.

Dominant operators, Carnival and Royal Caribbean, offer the advantages such as attractive returns on investments due to the economies of scale, large and modern fleets, and recognizable brand equity.

All this is very good news for the region and a vindication of our earlier article 70,000 Jobs At Sea: Big Industry Waiting For Investment.

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