Jamaica Using Some Seriously Aggressive Tactics to Attract Investors

Move over Jason Bourne and all you myriads of 007 international super agent like movie characters. Here comes Jamaica’s ultra intelligent, globally reaching, modern and tactical agents – we want your money!

It is clear from what the President of JAMPRO, Sancia Bennett Templer, has shared at a recent JIS Think Tank, that Jamaica is serious about attracting foreign direct investment – and not in a simple “call an office, write a letter and hope for the best” kind of serious. 

Jamaica has been the recipient of major international investments from nations like Spain and China over the last few years, and the government is keen on expanding the Jamaica’s reach to new, unreached, uncharted territories. To do this, JAMPRO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade have combined forces “to identify prospects in the various countries in which Jamaica has diplomatic representation.”

[Templer] informed that part of the strategy is to place market representatives in particular countries of interest “so that those persons can identify and make contact in order to create a targeted approach to the whole investment effort”.

Here is the really cool spy part:

“We are saying, ‘who are the countries that are investing elsewhere in the region that are not currently in Jamaica and how do we identify and target those countries, get in those boardrooms, and seek to position Jamaica with those firms and attract them to come here to Jamaica’,” she said.

Jamaica is an attractive destination for many reasons and the efforts of JAMPRO and the Foreign Ministry are as smart as they are exciting. if they succeed – and we hope they do – Jamaica could be in for a world of rich new investments.

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